About Us

Hangzhou Yuhang district future Sci-Tech city international kindergarten is invested by the management committee of future Sci-Tech city. And is a private kindergarten operated and managed by Hangzhou Hope Investment and Management co., LTD. Opened in October 2015. Up to now, there are 18 classes, more than 400 children, 89 Chinese and foreign teachers,15 foreign teachers are included.




PYP Curriculum System

Through efforts to meet children's physical, social, intellectual, aesthetic and cultural aspects of the need, PYP curriculum is to provide diverse, relevant challenging and Important learning for children. The importance of children's learning is also reflected in the efforts to create transdisciplinary teaching mode. The framework of the curriculum includes three curriculums, five elements, six defined subject themes.

Three Curriculums

The written curriculum---What do we want to learn? The identification of

a framework of what’s worth knowing.

The taught curriculum---How best will we learn? The theory and application of good
classroom practice.The
of the commonalities
of the written



(1)Transdisciplinary Inquiry Activities

Transdisciplinary inquiry activity transcends the traditional subject field and boundary, which around eight concepts to conduct each activities of transdisciplinary inquiry themes. These themes aim at improving children's common understanding of social condition and the human experience. Inquiry learning launched by young children or teachers, help develop children’s deeper understanding from the current level to a new level. Through inquiry, young children can actively participate...

(2)Bilingual Curriculum

Kindergarten adopts both English and Chinese teaching, highlights the characteristics
of bilingual. Each class
is equipped with
the foreign teacher
and Chinese
bilingual teacher
to create a immersion
learning environment...