School Profile

Hangzhou Yuhang district future Sci-Tech city international kindergarten is invested by the management committee of future Sci-Tech city. And is a private kindergarten operated and managed by Hangzhou Hope Investment and Management co., LTD. Opened in October 2015. Up to now, there are 18 classes, more than 400 children, 89 Chinese and foreign teachers,15 foreign teachers are included.

Kindergarten covers an area of 10000 square meters (14.99 acres). A total construction area of 11050 square meters, the volume rate is 0.75, the building density is 25%. The building of the kindergarten has the characteristics of international, modern, green, science and technology. At the beginning of the design, it adopted the the highest level of green construction----three-star green building design. Kindergarten is equipped with 100% of the daily use hot water, ground source heat pump air conditioning, fresh air and rainwater recycling system to guarantee the he indoor environment of the constant temperature, constant humidity and constant oxygen.

The outdoor venues of the kindergarten are in the theme of "challenge, adventure, independent, diverse". It reflects the design concept of “five senses paradise" in the original ecological conditions. Tree house adventure, the mole town, joy ride, these areas carry out various sports for children and create good conditions for children's autonomous playing. In addition, all kinds of physical material and large toy is full of challenges, let the children become active explorers, excellent communicator and brave adventurers in the process of sports and games.

Educational Philosophy

Kindergarten comprehensively implement on the basis of "3-6years old children's learning and development guide” and according to the international baccalaureate PYP philosophy. Focus on children, improve children's comprehensive quality. Advocating respect for different cultures, is committed to develop young children's international mindedness. Efforts to cultivate children's "top ten quality", actively explore, thinking, good at communication and dare to try, timely reflection, knowledgeable, stick to principles, know love, broad-minded, well-balanced. Efforts to cultivate children's "twelve attitudes”: appreciation, commitment, confidence, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, empathy, enthusiasm, independence, integrity, respect and tolerance.

Mission statement——Is committed to creating a multicultural community, encourage each child to be curious, dare to explore, be good at innovation, international lifelong learner.
Education goals——Always let children become well-balanced Chinese and lovely international citizen.
School Purpose——一Everything for the child's happy childhood and a better future
Management Idea路——Based and focused on children, teachers as the base, with parents as friends.
Solemn commitment——Every child is unique and precious
School Motto——Be your personal best. A walk into the future.

Team Management

Members of the core management team
Principals:Weijing Shi
Principal Assistant: Shu Xu
Office Director: Li Ma.
General Affairs Director: Xiaoyan Yu.